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Texas Endoscopy East Plano

Texas Endoscopy Plano, Independence Location

Health Insurance Information

Texas Endoscopy and our Physicians are providers for most major Insurance Plans, Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans. It’s always advisable to check with your Insurance Carrier to verify if Texas Endoscopy and your Physicians are Network Providers. Insurance Companies can also confirm the benefit limits of your Insurance Policy. Texas Endoscopy will attempt to verify your benefits prior to you procedure to determine the patient responsibility. Insurance plans change from time to time so feel free to call our Business Office at (972) 908-3088 and we can review it with you.

Plano -
Independence Pkwy.

8080 Independence Pkwy
Suite 160
Plano, TX. 75025
Phone: (972) 908-3000

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Please note that our facility’s website is not secured as we do not collect personal or private health information via our site. Accordingly, the “Contact Us” form is not intended for use with personal or private health information, however e-mail sent via the “Contact Us” form is sent to a facility employee on a secure e-mail server.